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Short résumé (English)

Theater (torna su)
As a player
 * Improvisation
- In Nov. 2011 I formed the professional Improv group T(i)LT - Trama Libera Tutti. In four years we created four Improv formats - two short form (Improbook and iMprov Comedy 2.0) and two long form (Otto Mondi Alla Rinfusa and Snow).
Particularly, Improbook collected about 100 performances throughout Europe, and we performed Otto Mondi Alla Rinfusa in some of the best theaters in Italy. 
- I performed in Spanish with Omar Galván in Madrid, Spain (with Jamming Compañía Teatral), in 2010 and in Caracas, Venezuela (International Match Festival) in 2011, in English in Bruxelles in 2015 and Berlin in 2017.

* Non-improvisation
- Main character in the web-series "Silly Show". YouTube channel and Facebook page
- Sketches and monologues in the show Nuove Piazzate, 2010
- Comedy and satire monologues in CCCP, comic lab, 2008 - 2012
As a teacher
- Improv teacher in the schools "Scalino 23", Palermo; "AMAttoriali", Catania; Art-ju;Roma, Impro for dummies, Bruxelles; Berlino Italia Improv, Berlin.
As a director
- Il tempo è fermo, one-act one-hour play, written and directed by me, selected for Roma Fringe Festival 2017
- Alice in Musical: half way between musical show and stand-up comedy, just for piano and voice, 2012.
- Lassaddìcane: one-woman piece of quite traditional theater, 2013.
- Snow: my first direction of an improvised show. Long form based on the complexity and the past of characters, 2015.
As a student
- Improv and writing intensives at Second City, Chicago, 2015
- From student to performer in Improteatro (Improv Theater) 2007 - 2015
- Master in Accademia del Comico (Comedy Academy), 2006 - 2007
Writing (torna su)

As a teacher

Since 2008 I held a variety of writing courses about short story, sketch, autobiography, monologue and editing.
- Currently Head Writing Teacher in Rome's main comedy theater, "Makkekomiko", now at its 5th edition.
This is one of the first ones, in an high school. We published this book with the short stories written in the seminary.
This is one of the latest ones, that happened phisically inside Giovanni Boccaccio's house.
In these seven years I worked with hundreds of people in libraries, bookshops and theaters.
Il tempo è fermo, one-act one-hour play, written and directed by me, selected for Roma Fringe Festival 2017
- Writer in the comedy web-series "Silly Show" - YT channel and Facebook page
- Short story on Chatwin Prize collection, 2007
- Satire one-liners on Almanacco Luttazzi della nuova satira italiana (Almanac of the new Italian satire), 2010
- Author of the radio program "Real Movie", 2008 - 2010
- Writing tips on the section "A portata di penna" (Next to your pen), on Makkekomiko blog, 2012
Tons of material sleeps incomplete in my PC (short stories, screenplays, one-man-shows, maybe even kitchen recipes, I have to check), just waiting to be submitted, shot, played or cooked. 
These things are worth mentioning, too.
As a student

- Intensive writing courses at Second City, Chicago, 2015
- Two-year Master in Storytelling at Scuola Holden, 2005 - 2007
- Comedy Sketch class at Morinibros, 2007

Italian, English and Spanish

Other half of life:
Graduation in Statistics and Economics (2005)
Part-time Mathematics teacher in high school (2008 - now)