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Professional résumé

Improv professional résumé (torna su)

Currently, I'm the artistic director and main coach of ImproBrussels, the biggest Improv school in Belgium with its 100+ students; and as a free-lance teacher and performer I've givern workshops and performed all around the world. I am member of the professional cast of ImproBubble, with whom I perform weekly shows in the first Belgian theatre dedicated only to Improvised theatre, L'Improviste.
I also am author and director of scripted theatre, my work has been staged in Italy and Canada.

I began studying improvisation, writing and comedy in 2006 in Italy. In 2011, I founded the improv group T(i)LT – Trama Libera Tutti, and since then we created four formats which have collected more than 100 shows across all Europe (also starred at the Roma Fringe Festival in 2012 and 2013), all of which I have personally directed.


Apart from T(i)LT, in these years I played 8 different formats of twoprov shows, from love stories to satire, from drama to pure comedy, and a variety of other formats all around Italy with most professional Italian companies, like I Bugiardini.
In these years I have played, taught and directed theatre both at a basic and professional level in Italy, Belgium, the Netherlands, Germany, China, Japan, Bulgaria, Norway, Germany, Spain, France, Venezuela, and Canada, as an instructor for example of Improvaganza 2018, Sorry Not Sorry Productions, Pirates of the Dotonbori, Impact 360, Tbc Improv Hong Kong and many others, as well as countless Festivals. In 2017 I have written and directed my first non-improvisational theatre play, "Il tempo è fermo", which starred in Roma Fringe Festival 2017 and in its English translation, "When time stands still", in the Scripted Toronto 2019 Festival, by Process Theatre

Previously, I had directed two scripted theatre shows:
Alice in Musical: half way between musical show and stand-up comedy, just for piano and voice, 2012.
Lassaddìcane: one-woman piece of traditional theater, 2013.